Forget it.


Even if you just bought a new  phone  yesterday….


You will definitely need a new one soon.


It might be to manage your business…


As a gift to your loved one…


Or just you wanting to be among VIP geng by getting the latest launched phone.


Whichever way…


it is very important you don’t skip a line of this post as reading this will make  getting a new phone so easy for you.




If you want to buy a new phone but don’t have enough cash in place for it. 


There’s a need to set your target with what you can afford at that moment.


But if you are still Keen on getting a particular brand of phone…


An easy way to do that would be to wait for some months after launch.


As Phones don’t appreciate but depreciate. Which  means its price would likely drop from its initial launch price.


Also in situations when the dollar rate isn’t stable, the prices of phones can change immensely. 


One smart thing to do would be to quickly get that device so that it won’t become a burden when buying later.


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This is one very important thing to consider, especially as you live in a country without constant power supply.


The battery usage differs from user to user depending on the way he/she uses their smartphones. 


If you use your phone a lot, work on apps, play games, stream videos and more then you should go for a smartphone with at least 3500mAh battery or above but…


 If you are an average or light user, a handset with 3000mAh battery would be good enough to run for a full day.




Now if you are an online vendor who will definitely need quality pictures and videos for her business…


Or you are just someone who loves to share his slay moment with family and friends online…


This is one of the first things to look at.


 Most of the more expensive, newly launched  phones are particularly good at taking pictures even in low light which means…


 You can still get good pictures without having to go extra to spend extra in ring lights.


One thing you should note is…


Budget phones don’t usually have great cameras, so consider spending a bit more if getting  quality videos and pictures is important to you.


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If you are someone who loves to download lots of music and videos or…


You are getting a new phone for a teenager who will definitely be downloading lots of apps…


Then it’s important to look at this too.


So you don’t run out of space at a time you need it the most.


While buying a new phone, you could too up your storage capacity with a “microSD” card .


Click here to see the sizes they come in.




Now, before you ever buy a new phone…


It is very important to put these extra things into a budget too.


Things like a screen guard, a fanciful looking pouch, an extra fast working charger ….


So you don’t find your self wanting.


A lot of people have had to spend valuable money on screen replacement and other things…


Just days after buying a new phone because they hadn’t put these little extras into consideration.


We understand it’s very easy to forget these things so…


We have made it very easy for you to get one of them without having to revisit your phone store by clicking here.