In a country like ours where noise is now our everyday “padi”, a lot of us consider Airpods as godsent.




Listening to your favourite beats can help block off noise while you joyfully go about your daily activities.


But sometimes, they too can get a little frustrating.


Imagine trying to watch a movie without distractions in a really noisy environment, only for you to discover that one of your Airpods is faulty. 


Most times, It is usually not convenient to run to the store in search of a new one each timevthis happens so…


We want to show you how to fix airpods when only one side is working.


♦️CHECK BATTERY: The simplest and most likely explanation for one AirPod not working is that its battery is dead.


 AirPods drain batteries at different rates, so even though you charged your AirPods at the same time, one might run out of life first so…. 


Check your AirPods battery life or look at your battery widget and charge if you need to.



Another possible reason you can not not hear the audio in one of your  AirPods is because there’s gunk built up in it.


Which could be blocking sound from getting out.


It could be dust, lint or even earwax.


Check your AirPods to see if the speakers look clogged and…


If they do, clean them!




One other problem with your AirPods could be the audio isn’t being properly sent from your device to your earbuds.


In that case, resetting the Bluetooth will help.


If you use an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth > move the Bluetooth slider to off/white, wait a few seconds, and move it back to on/green.




Restarting a device clears out active memory and can often solve temporary problems. 


Even though this isn’t a very likely way to solve the problem, but it’s quick and straightforward, so there is really no harm in trying.


Try restarting your iPhone or Android phone.




If you are still not hearing audio in one AirPod…


It’s time to set up your AirPods again. 


To do this on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth > tap the i next to the AirPods > Forget This Device > Forget Device. That removes the AirPods from your device. 


Then, put the AirPods into their case, hold  down the button on the case, and follow the regular onscreen setup instructions.




There’s a setting hidden deep in the Accessibility options on iOS devices that allows you control the balance of audio between the left and right AirPods.


You never know…


This setting is out of balance and sending all sound to only one AirPod. 


To fix this, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > find the Balance slider and move it to the center.




Every new version of the iOS and iPadOS brings lots of new features and important bug fixes and…


There’s a chance your problem is fixed in the latest version of your device’s OS. 


Even though this isn’t likely to solve the problem, Since updates are free, fast, and brings many benefits, it’s worth a shot to download and install new iOS updates.




 At this point, it’s time to get help from the experts: Apple.


Contact Apple support or make an Apple Store Genius Bar appointment.


The only disadvantage of this is that, it might take  days to happen.


And remember you were about to watch a movie.


Now your next move will be to throw on some clothes and run to the nearest gadget store to get a new one… right?


Well, you still don’t have to.


You can click here and  get a new one sent to you, right where you are in no time.