How Your Smartphone Aids Your Personal Development Plan

showing a man using smartphone for research; self-improvement and personal development.
Using a smartphone for self-improvement

Do you know that the smartphone you are using to read this article? Can help you achieve your personal development plan?

Since the inventions and launch of smartphones, internet penetration has increased in most developing and underdeveloped countries.

It has become one of the most essential accessories you will find on a person.

According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.8 billion. This means 48.46% of the world’s population evidently owns a smartphone.

We use our smartphones for a lot of things and in a way, they affect most of our daily activities. We work on them, we socialise on them, we even date on the. They are the modern-day tool that connects us to the world.

In a way, this tool has become a form of addiction. Stats show that we check our phones 47 times a day. With a staggering 69% of us checking our phones within 5 minutes of waking up.

Studies show a direct correlation between smartphone addiction and negative mental health impacts. Such as anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness.

We have all compared ourselves to beautiful people on Instagram, people we wish we looked like. People who have riches and luxury in their lives we can only dream of.

As Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’

With all these disadvantages many fail to realise that the smartphone has made lives better. Especially when it comes to our self-improvement

If you are someone who takes their personal development seriously, the smartphone can be your ally.

The challenge with self-improvement are things such as time, stress and lack of comfort.

Your smartphone is the answer to this challenge. What makes self-development on smartphones better is the fact that you can do it with little or no stress.

The smartphone is still one of the most underutilized gadget of our age.

Much like the human brain. A smartphone carries with it a greater amount of capacity than its owner may ever know.

Let’s look at some ways your smartphone can aid your personal development;

  • Making Research

When you can’t make it to the library for a research project. You can still connect with a librarian for help.

Even if you’re wondering about a random fact or detail you just have to know. Search engines like Google, Quora, Reddit etc. are just a tap away

  • Healthy Living

You must have heard so much about how smartphones are bad for your health. And how spending a long time with them can cause some serious health issues.

Little emphasis about how these same smartphones can improve your health by monitoring vital signs in your body. Give you health tips and encouraging healthy habits like daily exercise using apps.

Some of these apps include Lifelog, Daily Yoga, Workout Trainer etc. They are also flexible and can fit into our daily routines.

  • Learning Languages

Do you want to learn a new language as a personal development goal? Your smartphone with the aid of apps like Duolingo will help you learn a language without leaving home.

All you need to do is download, install, select your language of choice and start learning.

  • Listening To Podcasts

Podcasts are now becoming highly popular in sharing ideas, information and stories to educate, interest and inform people.

You can find podcasts on practically any topic, from business to health to technology to science and so much more. There’s sure to be a podcast that you can both enjoy listening to and learning from. Apps like Anchor, Google Podcasts will give you FREE access to hundreds of podcasts related to your personal development.

  • Professional Course and Skills

You can now learn some professional skills and courses on your smartphones. Just enrol for your desired course in several fields on some mobile applications and websites.

You can also enrol for a degree course on some of these websites and apps. Coursera, Udemy & Primer are examples of these learning apps.

With your smartphone, you can enrol for a course. Listen to lecture daily and take exams and become certified or a degree holder with little or no stress.

  • Career

Your smartphone can also help you with some vital career information and decision. Apps such as LinkedIn have professionals all around the world with motivational words for every career person. There even several job opportunities on the app that can be useful to you.

You can listen to innovative speeches, learn from the experiences of others in the community. Apply for jobs and acquire vital career information through these applications.

All of these have a way of impacting your life positively and giving you your desired growth.

Smartphones do not seem likely to be going away anytime in the foreseeable future. Take your time while harnessing the power of the smartphone.

When you have a spare few minutes in your day, don’t just scroll on Instagram or Facebook. Also, access some of the apps listed in the article to develop yourself.

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