Phone Stores; The Best & Most Popular In Ikotun

The purchase of mobile phone has increased in Nigeria and the world at large. So has mobile phone stores in Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria. Making the choice of where to buy your next phone a bit difficult.

Despite the increase in phone sellers, people still are bothered about buying refurbished phones or not getting the original latest phones. So arises the question which phone store sells original branded phones with warranty that is valid? Below is the list of phone dealers in Ikotun, Lagos. So if you are in Ikotun, and its environs check out these stores.

List of Best Phone Stores in Lagos

Bailord Limited: Amongst the first phone stores in Ikotun

Before SLOT, 3C Hub or even Pointek came into Ikotun environment, Bailord Limited has been serving the residents of Ikotun with quality phones and service. You can also buy from their online store HERE

phone stores in ikotun
Bailord Limited Phone Store

Cell Phone City – The Phone Dealer For Refurbished Phones

Can’t afford a brand new phone yet? But still need a good phone that is fairly used? Then Cell Phone City is the best dealer for the job

SLOT Systems Limited – Top Phone Stores In Nigeria

Among the top mobile phone dealers in Nigeria in SLOT. Came into Ikotun after a while followed by 3C Hub and Microstation


After SLOT came in, others followed. 3C Hub was amongst them.

Micro Station, Pointek & Just Phone