Revealed! 5 Infinix Phones With The Best Camera Quality

If you are looking for Infinix phones with the best camera quality to take quality photos and videos of yourself and your products. let us not forget selfies and clear videos for Instagram reels and Tiktok..

You can choose from our top 5 choices listed below.

Infinix Note 10

Where to buy Infinix phones in Nigeria

The latest released Infinix Note 10 tops the list of Infinix phones with good camera quality. With a total of 76MP Rear Camera and 16MP front camera.

The best part is you do not need to spend much to get the the phone. With just ₦77,500.00 you can purchase it HERE

Infinix Note 8

how much is infinix note 8i

Another Infinix phone with good camera quality is the Note 8. It has a total of 70MP cameras in its rear. But where it lacked in rear it made up in the front. With a total of 18MP making sure your selfie photos have the depth effect.

One other reason it came second place is because of its price. Slightly higher than Note 10. You can get it for ₦99,900.00 click here to order yours.

Infinix Note 8i

infinix note 8i

This is the younger sister of Note 8. And when it comes to quality videos for your contents then this is your best choice.

The camera quality is so good that you can be assured that your videos won’t lose it quality when going LIVE on social media or even uploading online.

With 48MP rear camera and 8MP front camera you are assured of quality photos too.

You can get yours today starting from ₦72,500.00

Infinix Hot 10

Infinix Hot 10

The latest in the Infinix HOT Series boasts of a total of 20MP cameras in it rear. And a 8MP wide front camera for clear photos.

You can get it for at affordable prices starting from ₦63,900

Infinix Smart 5

Infinix Smart 5

The Infinix Smart 5 made the list of Infinix Phone with best camera quality because it is affordable. And the camera is great for selfies. So if you are looking for an affordable phone to take amazing selfies with, then Infinix Smart 5 is the best choice.

You can get it for as little as ₦44,300.

That’s our top 5 Infinix phones with the best camera quality.

Tell us which you love and which Infinix phone you think should make the list.