5 Smartphones For Business Every Business Owner Should Have.

Smartphones For Business Use

In this post, you will discover smartphones for business.
In today’s world, almost every individual possesses a smartphone.
We often rely on smartphones to send messages, make calls, snap cool pictures and get trending news on the go.

However, smartphones for business use isn’t readily advertised. That is the purpose for this post.

Every business owner in the 21st century is expected to possess at least one smartphone to engage prospective customers and enhance business sales, and this goes beyond sending and receiving mails.

There are over 50 smartphone brands in the world today and each of these brands has unique features which make them stand out from each other.  

A business smartphone might need some different features.
It will need to last a long time between charges, give you versatility in the apps you use, and have a big enough screen to see lots of work.

Therefore, it is impertinent that every business owner chooses a smartphone with excellent features which aligns with their personal taste, business brand or need.

 If you want to be more productive in your business or be able to work on the go, check out these 5 smartphones every business owner should have.

  • iPhone Xs
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • BlackBerry KEY2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8

1.     iPhone Xs

Image credit: gizmohcina.com

Apple’s iPhone Xs is a slightly bigger yet marked-up version of the iPhone 8. It is also on the pricier side for good reason.

The iPhone Xs has one of the most powerful smartphone cameras on the market.
You can shoot 4K videos in up to 60 frames per second and take professional-grade pictures with the camera’s pixels.
And sophisticated portrait mode.

This feature is highly useful for business owners who need to take fantastic photos and make high-quality videos of their products and also visual content creators.

Armed with a Gigabit-class LTE, 512 GB of storage, and an intelligence A12 Bionic chip that has a neural engine.
The iPhone Xs can deliver up to 50% faster graphics performance, 15% faster performance cores, and 50% lower power usage in efficiency cores.

2.     Google Pixel 2 XL

smartphone for business use
Image credit: Forbes

Powered by Google Assistant, the Pixel 2XL can listen to your commands and text and set reminders for you, turn on Bluetooth, and activate Google Lens, which can identify landmarks, objects, and even scan business cards to add contact information into your smartphone.

The Google Pixel 2XL is also incredibly powerful and efficient — it has storage options of 64 or 128 GB and will give you up to seven hours of battery life with only a 15-minute charge.

The battery life is suitable for business owners who needs to work for hours without the need to charge often.

phone for business
Image credit: businessinsider.com

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ might be one of the best smartphones for business use, especially during travels. Powered by Bixby Vision, the Galaxy S9+’s camera can translate up to 54 languages on signs and menus to help you navigate any foreign country you’re traveling through.

The smartphone’s camera also features an intelligent scan, which combines face recognition and iris scanning to instantly recognize you in any light and even when you’re wearing sunglasses.

4.     BlackBerry KEY2


smartphones for business
Image credit: The Verge

 Even though BlackBerry has lost its dominance in the business smartphone market. The company still pioneered the trend of working on your phone and develops some of the most advanced smartphones for business.

The KEY2, powered by Android, is branded as “An Icon Reborn” because BlackBerry kept their classic physical keyboards on the smartphone but also upgraded it by making the keys 20% bigger and adding a Speed Key button that can activate 52 custom shortcuts to apps and specific actions.

The KEY 2 also offers some of the strongest smartphone security with the BlackBerry DTEK app, giving you the ability to see and alter which applications have access to your camera, microphone, location, and personal information.

You can also keep files and photos completely private with BlackBerry Locker, a pre-downloaded app that hides your files and photos from anyone who could access your phone.

BlackBerry’s KEY2 has up to 256 GB in storage space and its battery can stay powered for up to two days on just one charge. That is having POWER in your hands, to POWER UP your Business Life.

5.     Samsung Galaxy Note 8

phone for business
Image credit: Future

The incredible 6.3-inch Infinity-Edge display gives you so much more space to work on and is supported by an excellent stylus- S Pen to deliver great user experience for you.

 This device comes with amazing features such as Multi-Window Mode that allows you to have two apps open on your screen at the same time, so you can boost your productivity by responding to emails while keeping up with the latest news.

The in-built fingerprint scanner, eye scanner and facial recognition software along with Samsung Knox deliver top-notch security on your device. This Dual SIM smartphone boasts a 6GB RAM and 3300mAh battery that keeps your phone running for over 16hours.

There are other brands that have smartphones for business use. They include;

Do you know any other smartphone for business use? Drop in the comment below.